Western Mass Anconas and Welsh Harlequin Drakes


Dec 13, 2017
Mass Hilltowns
(I need to double check my calendars to give you the precise ages.)

The Anconas hatched in May. One of the three males I ended up with is starting to practice mating with Lady Blue in the pool. Maturity is just around the corner for these boys!

I want to sell off a pair of these boys if possible. Attached picture.

Also, ended up with too many Welsh Harlequin boys! Crap duck luck here. Pic attached, but they haven't molted into adult feathers yet. Again, hoping to sell a pair.

None of my ducks are lap pets. You could possibly get them there, but I just can't win their trust that far with small humans chasing them around constantly. Some have been much more compliant with being held than others, as we do try to really handle them from the beginning.

I feel like $35 is a reasonable duck pair price in my area. We can negotiate though!


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