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Western PA and surrounding area predators

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by LoveMyChickADoos, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. LoveMyChickADoos

    LoveMyChickADoos Hatching

    Oct 22, 2011
    I recently started raising chickens, just last year actually, and since we bought a bunch more this year it is like national geographic in my front yard. My brother had a rather violent standoff with an abnormally large red tail that attacked my full sized roo right in front of him and then proceeded to try to grab my little silkie hen and fly away, until he actually had to kick the hawk off her so she had a chance to get away. The hawk then just stood there in front of him looking at him like "what the heck?!". this bird stood well above his knee and hes 6' tall. It was traumatic for the little girl because now she refuses to leave the coop. Also i witnessed a coopers hawk smash itself off the ground right in front of my free ranging chickens, thank goodness giving them time to scatter before he could get his wits about him. Then just a few weeks ago I looked out the window to see my buff silkie hen being literally torn apart by the coopers hawk, so i ran up on it and the thing just looked at me until i got just a couple feet away, it then flew away, perched on a telephone line and watched me run around in an utter panic. My little hen was barely breathing and bleeding from the face in multiple places. She thankfully lived and is doing better now. My brother also witnessed a hawk pick up my three month old pullet and just carry her away, he ran after the hawk hoping to scare it. I think he must of because the next morning, a full day later, that little copper maren walked itself across a giant field and the road to find its way home. Ive never been so happy to see a little chicken, she came hobbling and chirping at us, as to great us. she had a hole pecked in her head and under her wing but she was fine.

    This all leads up to my question, what are all the birds of prey that you have seen in this area?? I have seen mulitple red tailed hawks, coopers hawks, and i am almost 100% positive my brother found a dead peregrine falcon hit on the road last year. So thats three main ones right there. The roosters also sound off for kestrels too haha I never noticed all these birds before I started raising chickens and now i am over run with raptors attacking my feathered friends. We are building the enclosure for them next week so i soon wont have to worry at all. But i really want to hear other peoples stories so i can have some more knowledge! Responses are very very welcome! [​IMG]

    thank you so much!!!
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  2. woodmort

    woodmort Songster

    Jul 6, 2010
    Oxford NY
    That's pretty much the story with most people before and after raising chickens. There are a lot of things out there that enjoy a good chicken dinner. I suspect right now your birds are easy pickings for the hawks so they'll hang around until they can't get any more then move off. Also they raptors are migrating through now and stopping for a passing meal.
  3. thekid

    thekid Songster

    Im also in PA, SW PA, Ford City actually. The if I see A predator I usually go out with my pellet gun revolver and shoot it and they normally dont die, justs hurts them enough not to come back.

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