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    For those of you who would like to try the wet bulb/ dry bulb method of checking your humdity and temps, here are two links. One is for a Celsius/Farenheit converter. The second one is a humidity converter. You just plug in your readings and it tells you what the % humidity is. Cool huh?



    I always use laboratory themometers for my incubators. Don't trust digital. Lab therms are always Celsius. You can also use regular fever themometers. Then you don't have to worry about the C/F conversion.

    To get the wet bulb reading, use a clean shoelace, cut the ends off. Put one end over the bulb of the thermometer and stick the other end in your humidity tray or a separate container of water. Both thermometers should be next to each other and standing upright. I make a little holder out of cardboard. When you take your readings, the wet bulb should read lower than the dry bulb.( unless you have 100% humidity [​IMG]) Then just plug the two readings into the Humidity calculator and Viola- you have your percent humidity. Hpoe this is helpful to everyone. I really like it. No wondering if the digital gauge is "off" or whatever. Happy Hatching!!!

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    Cool, thanks for sharing. I have been confused by this for a while now.
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    Thanks for posting this. Can you tell me what I would need to put in the box for Atmospheric Pressure? The write-up below the calculator does not mention it.

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