wet cough in new chook

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    Oct 20, 2011
    Hi all
    After a friend's dog dispatched one of our much loved chooks we bought a new one (ISA brown): Doris. We have had her four days.

    She came with lice and a wet cough and a sometimes gurgle when she breathes (can't hear it when she is at rest) . Managed to get the lice under control (for now) but she still has wet cough and a gurgle sometimes when she breathes. She's eating and drinking ok and the bubbles around her nose seem to have disappeared; eyes are clear. She is isolated at night but enjoys wandering in the sun during the day but isn't hugely active. She is preening ok and starting to dust bath and stand tall to flap wings ie normal chook behaviour.

    The other girls keep away from her (or she keeps away from them) apart from the occasional charge at her to establish dominance. Climate is warm and sunny and dry at this moment. I am hoping she is on the improve. Am I doing all I can? Any ideas on how to treat her without anitbiotics?

    In short she seems to have some respiratory symptoms but not severe.

    With thanks

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