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    Nov 8, 2013
    Hello I,m new to the site so please bare with me. I built a very nice 8 by 12 coop. raised 10 inches off the ground. Put a sloped tarpaper @ metal roof. Put in nice fan up high for summer air flow to the outside. Put in a floor level vent in the wall. Winter coming so I blocked both of those holes with blue foam board. I put a heat lamp with a timer I installed a timer on day light from 7 to 7. Ok well the darn floor is always damp We use pine shavings. My wife cleaned the coop 2 weeks ago and put down a lot of pine shavings, After 3 days it was matted down and turned nasty brown wet look. I wanted to blame the water tank. but thats not it. Is ventilation the problem I mean its damp even in the corners . I even insulated the ceiling and 2 foot down the sides. HELP Old Jim Athol Idaho

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    Yes - ventilation is still needed. Heat lamp is warming the air which then makes condensation occur.
    Open up a little and allow air in / moisture out.
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    I'm trying to finish up my coop now. I have windows covered with hardware cloth and when it rains, the floors get damp. I had osb and tried to cover it with rolled vinyl, but that didn't work out too good, so now I've got boards that I'm gonna lay and then caulk around the edges. I hope that keeps the floor from falling through. I haven't even put a chicken in there yet!
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    Your vents need to be up high at the roof line. This will move moist air out. You can close off lower vents and leave your pop door open for air circulation if you wish. Kinda after the fact but adding windows lets in natural light as well as can aid with drying. Hope this helps!

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    I'd open all the vents, stop using the heat lamp, and make sure the waterer isn't leaking
    You also didn't mention how many birds you have in there.

    It shouldn't be over 20-25
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