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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by lolita117, Jan 26, 2012.

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    Mar 12, 2011
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    So I've read alot of post on here that talk about feeding chickens and ducks outside and their food gets wet. And this seems to be a problem. I was wondering if anybody out there wets their food on purpose?

    The reason I ask this is because I have 1 pekin duck that lives with my chickens. Not only does he make a mess of their water and wastes it, he also waste their food, so for awhile now I've had a large deep metal pan thing that I give my duck water in and a small shallow pan that I put his food in. Though the chickens eat and drink from their feeder and waterer inside the coop they also like to drink from the ducks outside and eat his food. I put out plenty. But when I first started doing this the chickens would scratch all the dry crumbles out and make a mess. I also noticed that the duck seem to get choked up on eating the dry food too.

    So I started actually wetting the food that I put in the small shallow pan (I put about 1 quart of food in it). I just take a pitcher of water and pour it over the food until it is more water than food, and eventually the food does soak up the water and it turns into a thick slop.

    MY CHICKENS AND DUCK LOVE IT!!!!!! Everyday I do this. After a day of it sitting out, the next day its all gone and I have to do it again. I think the duck appreciates it the most and I think the chickens just like it because its different texture. I

    I wouldn't ever put a whole feeder outside because it would ruin that much, but I feed my duck everyday like this and the chickens love it too.

    I was just wondering if anybody has tried this or would like to?
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    I have moistened food, especially the kind that comes not pelleted (not crumbles, but a mix of grains, peas and other nutrients). Ducks always need water with their food, as they could choke on it, the way they eat.

    Anyway, it helps the ducks for me to moisten certain kinds of feed. Some caring duck people become alarmed when one mentions moistened feed, because if it's left out, especially in warmer weather, it can get moldy and of course that is a big health risk for ducks.

    I would give the feed a sniff test and compost anything that was not eaten within 24 hours. Another forum member thought that was too long, fyi.

    Sounds like you have a good system to avoid much waste, so if the ducks are eating good food, stick with it!
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    I noticed that whenever the water spilled in the brooder, the chicks would go crazy eating the wet the food. I put in their regular crumbles this morning and they threw it all over the place. I added a bowl with some crumbles and water and they went ballistic. ate all of it. This is o.k. right? They're still eating the same food and getting water at the same time. I also notice they love hard boiled eggs as a treat. I wonder if it's a texture thing.
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    I use pelleted feed and the ducks don't waste it. If I have to get crumbles, it's an absolute nightmare of a mess and waste.

    I've never wet down my bird's food intentionally, but have on occasion let everyone eat food that got rained on before I had a chance to bring it in....and you're right, they love it! I'm just a little paranoid about mold so I try my best to keep bowls and food dry. It seems to appear everywhere around here.

    Interesting topic, sticking around to see what others will say. :)

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