WFBS chick missing feathers and skin hot to touch, but no inflammation


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7 Years
Apr 30, 2012
I have a WFBS six week-old pullet who I purchased along with another from a breeder who kept them in cramped conditions.

The one is perfectly fine. Full-feathered and healthy looking, albeit a bit weedy, but I just think she's gawky.

The other is missing feathers on her neck, back, and under her wings. Her skin doesn't look inflammed, but there are little marks that look like she was pecked. I assumed that's what it was, as the coop was crowded and there seemed to be an aggressive cockerel in there with her.

Her skin doesn't look inflamed, but she feels very hot to the touch. Is this just what a bald chicken feels like? I don't see any lice or mites on her. I can't get to the farm store til the weekend--is there anything I can do that would help if it's a parasite? I don't know that it is, but I'd like to be proactive.

It almost looks like feathers are starting to come back, but is the hot skin normal and just not something you'd notice on a bird with feathers?


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