What’s going on here? Is this chicken going to die?


Jun 22, 2015
Youngstown, NY
As I was feeding my chickens this afternoon I noticed that one of them had something hanging from it’s behind. I caught her and this is what I found.
1D41EF24-C6BE-4B7B-BEAB-E840F9258CFE.jpeg C165AE0E-191F-43F7-A728-837F1FD53C29.jpeg

Looks like an egg still surrounded by intrenals, I think it may have been like this for a day already.
Is this chicken likely to die? Should I just kill it to save it from a slow death?
You should separate this chicken from others. and if it is broken it can cut her. you don't want a sharp egg making her bleed because it can get infected and cause other issues. follow the tips in the videos. it takes a few days for them to recover from this issue. the salt bath will keep her vent clean and kill and bacteria that is already there like in the videos. all you can do is try your best to help them and wait.

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