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Jul 27, 2020
Hi so I have been stressing over this for the past two months, my black Australorpis not sleeping inside of the coop I mean she sleeping inside the coop but on the outside roast not on the inside roasts like the others and all my hens I’ve noticed late afternoon and night time are itching and scratching at their feathers more. At first I thought I had red mites because I saw a little red things on the ground in the coop one day But two months has gone by and everything is still the same. what should I do?


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Jul 10, 2020
My Coop
I put permethrin all inside the coop but nothing changes.
Did you use a spray? Dust? Did you also treat the birds. This method I found to be most effective for your coop:
-completely removed all bedding (burn it or bag it and throw it away, don't compost it)
-mix a permethrin concentrate spray according to directions on the bottle
-thoroughly soak the coop with the spray and get in to every nook and cranny
-wait 2 hours for it to dry
-replace bedding with fresh, clean stuff
-repeat all these steps once a week for at least a month

You will need to treat your birds also. Don't bother with DE, it is worthless. You can use a permethrin powder or mix the concentrate according to the bottle for direct use on the chickens. Be sure to get under their wings and around their vent especially.

If you don't interrupt the life cycle of the parasites they will keep hatching and reinfecting your flock and coop.

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