What’s the weirdest spot your hen(s) has laid?


Sep 10, 2021
My 24/25 week old lavender orpington named Dori and suspected ameracauna mix named Lexi started laying about 3 weeks ago.
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We have 4 nest boxes in our coop and after locking them in the coop and run for 2 days when they first started, they’ve finally figured out to lay in them… or have they? Lexi is very diligent when she lays, every morning in the first nest box you’ll see one of her longer tan eggs, a shade darker than Dori’s. Dori on the other hand isnt. For a few days she was laying in the same nest box as Lexi and we’d find both their eggs in there but that’s not the case anymore! Dori likes to change it up, for a while she was laying in a garden box in on the back deck. Two days ago she laid in a flower pot in the front deck, making chicken sized holes in not one but both of the flower pots.
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Today?? She laid on the little stand we have outside the back patio door, she scratched up the cheap table cloth and plopped one down!
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The bones here are some bird bones we found on a trail and left them outside to dry… but I honestly think it adds to the effect.
Tomorrow? Who knows! I honestly don’t mind doing a literal egg hunt to find her eggs as I know if I do miss one it’ll go back to the earth or my dog will pick it up. If it does become an issue then the girls will be scheduled for another couple days locked back in the coop!

So what’s the weirdest place your hen has laid?
I've also found a nest under the coop with about 15 bantam eggs in it! I wondered why she had stopped laying!🙂also had one hen come running out of the coop in the morning and drop an egg as she went! It broke of course!.


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Oct 24, 2012
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I find chicken so interesting. When I did not provided a nest box, my hens would just lay anywhere in the coop. Until I made a nest box, now they all congregate in the box! lol

Honestly never had an odd spot, since I never allow my chicken to roam the backyard at their want, only when I am available to supervise. I see on Instagram of random chicken owners sharing where their hens lay eggs. It hilarious what I see! Haha

Aunt Angus

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Jul 16, 2018
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How did she get in there?! 🤣😂
She was in there for a vet visit. I was driving down the highway, and she got out somehow (still not sure how the latch came undone on her crate). She laid oneonta the floor in the back. It rolled under the seat, and I didn't find it until about a week later. I was SO CONFUSED. Then I remembered Marmalade got out....


Apr 18, 2018
Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado
Also, this hen (who was being kept indoors after she was injured by a hawk during a 10 degree cold snap) laid an egg in my bathroom sink.


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