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    Wait, am I missing something? It sounds to me like they were just making dinner. "Bludgeoning"? What does that mean? Isn't that one standard way to kill a small animal for food? I'm pretty sure I saw one of those guys on Dual Survivor do that to a porcupine...
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    [​IMG] WHAT???? Is it illegal to butcher now? WHAT A CROCK!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. Okay, they showed these buns in a cage, with water, etc. They commented on how 'well behaved' they were. That, to me, indicates these were well raised, well taken care of, not terrified at all. Time to slaughter comes and they pick them up, as the buns are used to, and give them a bonk. They're out, deed is done, no pain. Only thing I've ever cleaned was a fish, haven't needed to clean a bird or mammal, and I think bunnies are cute and all... but even this prissy city girl doesn't see anything wrong with this.

    How is that cruel?

    Now, that they been kept in a pen that was 6"x6" their whole life, poked and prodded, beaten, starved... THEN I'd agree... but these were well cared for livestock that was put to the use they were raised for.

    You may not want to eat a bun yourself, clearly don't even like to think of where your food is coming from or you'd realize that YOUR food has it a LOT worse than these buns. You want to start something why don't you start it with Your Own Food Source... then once you've got THAT square you can try pointing fingers at others. Freaking hypocrites.

    And to think that it was a church member that brought all this bruhaha down on her own church. Seems to me like this is a common thing. Didn't notice them say anything like "Our FIRST annual..." or anything. This is status quo for a bunch of guys going out into the woods. Rather than bringing guns/traps and killing their food that way they do the BYOB (bad pun) thing... they don't take anything from the forest, they don't leave a mess... good campers. And if these campouts have been going on for years as I suspect then why hasn't anyone been concerned before? Perhaps because these children's mothers don't think there's anything wrong with their sons knowing where their food comes from, how to prepare it, etc. Personally, I agree.

    You want your kids thinking that eggs come from an eggplant and meat is grown in a dish (oy another one) then feel free. But part of life science (required subject in 7th here) is how plants and animals develop. Let your child live in ignorance, like you prefer to, if you like. But don't condemn others because they educate their children about exactly what is going into their bodies.
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    First of all a domestic rabbit is a meat rabbit, meat rabbits are just breeds of rabbit with good meat to bone ratio. That being said, a rabbit doesn't need to rest more then a few hours at the most, I prefer to kill our meat rabbits without the kids but as this is a mens and boys retreat sure beats the risk of hunting.One swift hit and a throat cut does it within seconds.
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    Wonder what church does that for a ritual? Like what denomination(sp?)...? Anyone know?
    Just wondering...
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    It sounds a lot worse to me than your posts indicate. Consider

    1) whether the method actually used was appropriate--exactly how were the rabbits dispatched? There are disparate accounts--where does truth lie?

    2) whether the location (a public park) was appropriate--is hunting allowed there? What activities are against the rules? How closely does deliberately killing the rabbits match disallowed activities?

    3) the language used by the pastor to the media about the woman who filed the complaint.

    4) is this a responsible outreach of and advertisement for the church's ministry?
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    Quote:They said Baptist--sure doesn't match any Baptist teachings I ever heard (born & raised Baptist, one grandfather was a Baptist pastor for 39 years at the church he retired from and for several years before he was called there).
  9. Well, was it someone who was actually there (or had been to one of these campouts in the past) that commented on the 'ritualistic' nature of the bonk... or was it this gal who wasn't invited, wasn't there and never had been, who said so?

    I have a ritual for dishwashing... lots of 'chanting' about people not rinsing their plates, a loud Good God if a nasty surprise is found or a dog puts their cold nose on my leg, specific stacking, filling specs both temp and soap and stacking, specific order of cleaning that end up soap in the right side, then specific rinsing and stacking in the drainer from there... etc etc etc... may even be some singing, whistling and/or shuffling of feet if a tune is on/in my head...

    My kids (and sister for that matter) look at me like I'm INSANE for my little 'ritual'... just saying... a ritual "A ritual is a set of actions, performed mainly for their symbolic value."... washing the dishes is NOT symbolic... I'm actually washing them, rinsing them, putting htem up... likewise they ate the rabbit... it was dinner... it wasn't an act... a big show (though teaching the boys the proper 'ritual' of cleaning game while they only watch perhaps translated that way) they did their tasks to reach a set goal... they didn't perform a skit.

    Just my take, I wasn't there... but the fact that they ate pretty well blows the whole 'ritual sacrifice' thing outta the water.
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    Regardless of denomination, looks like it was a how-to about processing & cooking your own food. Glad someone is teaching it!

    My family all helps out with the butchering of animals, that's how we've always done it, even when we were small kids.

    I know many people who butcher rabbits in that method (with the wooden club), a quick crack to the back of the head and it is done. Fast and simple.
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