What a surprise my hubby gave me Now with pix!

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  1. Ok So I am on day 18 with my ameraucana and RIR eggs in the bator and my hubby is doing some work on a feed store about an hour and a half from home and comes home with 6 EE chicks that are pullets! I am so happy! They are so cute with their little tufts! One has a criss crossed beak but it isnt that crossed and she is eating and drinking fine so i think she will be allright! I will post pictures tomorrow so ya'll can see them and enjoy them at least by picture!
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    hope you have good luck with your hatch, sounds great.
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    A word of well earned advice on the cross-beak:
    Please make sure she has what I call "crumble gruel" to eat! I have 2 cross-beak- both are very bad- and the crumble mixed in with water or milk + electrolytes+ probiotics to a consistency of thick soup is what they can get down and digest the best. This took many different recipes and some sour crops to get it right. Also, if you can feed out of wide and deep feeders and waterers so she can scoop that would be best.
    Good luck and congrats!
  4. Ok thanks for the info. THis one isnt really noticeable unless you are observing her closely otherwise she looks fine. It is a slight cross but who knows if it will worsen with time.
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    Where's the pics? Gotta have pics.
  6. Ok here are some pictures of the new EEs my hubby surprised me with.

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    Awww congrats they sure are sweet. They remind me of my 6. Mine are getting to be big girls now they are 5-6 weeks old. Best of luck on your hatch and with the babies.[​IMG][​IMG]:weee:ya

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