What a surprise!!


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Nov 9, 2008
Central Oklahoma
This morning my DH and I were out feeding the animals. We have 5 Muscovy hens sitting on eggs and I check them each day and put feed next to them. As I was checking Evie(our chocolat/white who is tame almost like a dog)I heard a cheep!! I called my DH and we listened for a minute and, YES, it was a cheep. But as we figured the days, it was too early, yet there it was "cheep, cheep". I sat down beside her and gently lifted her wing, and OMG, it was a chick not a duckling.......and a naked neck at that!!!!!!!! We were shocked. I've been checking their nests(pretty good I thought) and removing the chicken eggs. Well, since the duck eggs still had over a week to go before they hatched we had to pull the chick so she wouldn't abandon her nest(I felt horrible doing this). So, now we couldn't have a lone chick so we hurried to Atwoods to get only ONE chick. Naturally we ended up with two, but we couldn't resist just looking at the ducklings, poults and goslings. We left with 2 crested ducklings and one that is a light grey and yellow and was just too pretty to leave. So we went for 1 chick and ended up with 2 chicks and 3 ducklings. What an exciting day. The naked neck very much appreciates her new 'siblings'. Will try to get pics loaded. I don't know if I've done this right or not?

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May 24, 2007
I love that - what a great surprise! I'm glad you were able to immediately get a friend for you little chick. And, the ducklings... well, how could you possibly say 'no' to them!

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