What about the Middle Tennessee Area ??? swaps?

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  1. Are there any swaps in or around the Nashville area??? Would like to know if there are........thanks...Suzette
  2. warcard

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    Apr 4, 2008
    SE Indiana
    I can't think of anything right in Nashville, but head east on I-40 and go to the Flea Market in Crossville. It has a BIG animal area, just be there early because most of the good stuff goes fast and the animal people normally pack up around noon. It is Saturday and Sunday, but again try and do Saturday, you have a better chance of finding good stuff.

    Are you really in Nashville? Or are you E, S, N, or W?

    Former Manchester, TN resident.
  3. the flea market in Lebanon also has poltury,my GS bought 20guinnas this weekend,couple are sick so watch them carefully and separate them from any you already for at least a month.

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