What age do you you change their food?


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My six chicks are a month old now and doing great. I was just wondering at what age do you make the transition from the starter/chick food to the adult food? I'd appreciate any opinions or personal experiences. Thanks.
Hello! At age 17 weeks, I change them over to layer crumbles. That way, the extra calcium can get into their systems for those nice strong egg shells.
You'll want to feed your Starter/Grower till you get the first egg then you can switch to the Layer type.
You don't want to switch them too soon because the extra Calcium that is in Layer Feed could do more harm than good in Non-Laying birds.


Do NOT feed layer crumble until AFTER they start laying eggs? Ughhhhh......I added in layer crumble a couple of weeks ago to the pullet developer I was feeding...they are 15-18 weeks old now. Am I hurting them by doing this? They are fairly large, not little babies at all..(see below). Fred, my EE is small...but they all are eating the food, and they have pretty much destroyed my Dill and another large plant that tastes like celery too.

Could feeding them layer crumble too early cause crooked neck issues I wonder? Louise just started that within the last 2 weeks......sigh

A hen only stores Calcium in her bones when she is laying so feeding extra Calcium at pre-laying age has no advantages even feeding a layer feed to a non-laying hen that is in molt or in a non-laying season (winter) can cause some damage to her kidneys.

What do you feed non-laying hens? I mean adult hens...........prob a dumb ? but I didn't realize or think about the times they aren't laying!

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