What Age Is The Oldest Male Ponie's Can Be Nuetered?


9 Years
Feb 21, 2010
I have No clue and maybe Nuetered isnt the right word for fixing horses and ponie's.DH has taken one in and it's a male just weaned from mom.Is it to late to have it fixed?.The baby was supposed to arrive today but delay untill tomm.so...I have a friend that says it wont be a good riding pony for the grandson's if it isnt fixed it will be mean.We know it will have to be broken in etc.Hope someone can give me some info.Thanks
Gelded, you want it gelded. they can be gelded at any time at any age. call your vet they will know the best time to do it in your area. Stallion (un fixed males) are a NO NO for inexperienced people
I use to ride a gelding that when he was gelded they left one testie (later taken off).
It pumped a lot of testosterone in him.. You could feel it in his neck.

He was sort of a pain to ride.. Couldnt keep him around other horses, very head strong..
Beautiful Beautiful horse but otherwise difficult.

I dont think its too late for you guy
Best time is under a year, but you can any time in life. Latest I like to is around 3 - once they've experienced testosterone, they get a lot of bad habits from it. A weanling is DEFINTELY not too old.

Good luck.
Cool thank's for the replie's so I wont sound like an idiot if I call the vet.I know Nothing about Equine's.I have just been told though he wouldn't be good training/ riding stock if he wasn't fixed.TY for all the replie's.
A stallion can be very hard to control, but they can also very gentle as well. It really depends on the individual horse. If you have them gelded later in life many do not ever settle down like they would have if gelded early on. I have a 9 year old stallion on the farm currently who is as sweet and good natured an animal as you would ever want! When you put the saddle on him, he is all business and doesn't pay the least attention to the other horses that are around him while he is being ridden. This includes mares that are in season. On the other hand, I had a gelding that was gelded before he turned 2 years old and he was a complete jerk just about any time that another horse was close. He would try to bite them, kick them, you name it. It didn't make any difference if you were on his back or not! I also had a gelding that had been a herd stallion with many mares in his herd until he was nearly 17 years old! After he was gelded, he would still talk to the ladies that he met and was even known to try to mount them. But, he was also the horse that I let you get on if you had never ridden any horse but the one in front of Walmart! He was a complete babysitter! It really comes down to the individual horse's makeup!
If you know nothing about horses, you are making a great choice by gelding him. The stallions that people say are "sooo sweet", were usually trained by someone who knew what they were doing around stallions and were excellent horse people.

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