What age (or size, or weight), should we start putting our chicks in the coop? Process?


5 Years
Apr 27, 2014
Sequoyah County, Oklahoma
We got our first ever chicks, 8 days ago. I think they were around a day, to five days old, when we got them, but really don't know. They are growing, so fast. Our brooder is getting a bit small. We have an existing coop, with open top 15'x15' pen/run. Spring is here, but we are still subject to some fairly cold nights (supposed to be high 30's tonight), but that should be about over. Wet weather should be hitting us for May, and severe winds as well as thunderstorms, are likely, into June, here in the Okarks, on Oklahoma.
Chicks are mostly sex links and Australorps. A couple are bantams.
I think that's all the needed pertinent info.
At what point do we start keeping them in the coop? By size, weight, age? Do we just take them out and baptize by fire? Or, is there a slow way to introduce them?
Thanks, in advance, for all the good info, forthcoming.


7 Years
Oct 22, 2012
United States
When they're partially feathered, start taking them to the coop for a few hours then take them back to the brooder. Then when fully feathered, they can be in the coop full time.
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