what age will they be full grown?

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    this is my first experience raising chickens, I have 2 flocks, one is about 10-11 weeks old(all production reds) and the other is about 8-9 weeks old(1 RIR, 1 white leghorn, 1 silver phoenix, 1 black sex-link, 1 welsummer(we think) and 1 partridge rock(we think)
    around what age should I consider them fully grown?

    thanks! [​IMG]
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    This depends on the breeds, for your common layers and such. 1 year is pretty much ideal- but they will still grow wider/maybe a little taller until 3-4 years (though not enough to really notice by sight). In slower growing breeds, like the Shamos I raise or Brahmas, two years is ideal- but again they do still continue to grow a little larger.


    ETA: But just to clarify for anyone who maybe wondering, just because they grow that long doesn't mean they won't lay before that time. Around 4-5 months (though can take a couple more months too) is when they should begin laying [​IMG]
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    They reach laying age around 6 months, though. Like cats, dogs, and people; all are capable of producing young long before we/they are "full grown."


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