what age would you eat a silkie?

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by sydney13, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. sydney13

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    Mar 11, 2010
    im trying to figure out how old my silkie is because i hope i will be getting some eggs soon [​IMG]
    i bought her from a meat market a few months back and when i weighed her she was 2lbs. which is the adult weight but 3 months have gone by and still no eggs [​IMG]
    so im wondering what age do you think they would have sold the silkie for meat?
  2. emys

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    Nov 19, 2008
    Are you sure its a girl? It was sold for meat...more likely to be a male.

    Do you have a picture of it you can post?
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  3. 17roses

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    Jan 20, 2009
    Greene County, TN
    Quote:I agree with sydney13 that it is more likely to be a boy. I cant imagine selling a girl as meat when 50% are roosters that are unwanted. I have one hen and she didnt lay for almost a year so but I dont know what the norm is. [​IMG] Can you post a picture?
  4. eKo_birdies

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    May 11, 2010
    Northern Colorado
  5. sydney13

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    Mar 11, 2010
    trust me she is definitely a she. i bought two silkies from them and i asked for two hens but they gave me a roo and a hen so i had to send the rooster of to a farm
    about a month after i got them the rooster started to crow so i think i bought him at about 5 months old but would they really wait that long to sell a silkie or is that the age you would eat one?
  6. reesepoultry

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    Jul 4, 2009
    Do you have better pics of the one you believe is a hen. You can see the head. we need a front view. It almost look like the other one has some long feathers starting to grow on it's head which could indicate a roo.

  7. Smoky73

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    Feb 8, 2007
    well if your talking about the one on the left, I would say a girl, but, if the girl was younger than the roo, she could still not be ready to lay. I have had silkie females start laying anywhere from 5 to as long as 11 months, so it just depends. What are you feeding her, Layer feed or something else? And, are you sure she is not eating her eggs? You can check her vent to see if she has laid at all yet, look at her vent and if its really tiny and tight looking, (about the size of a dime or so, she has not laid yet. If her vent is more large /wide and looks like it could pass an egg, maybe about the size of a grape, she probably has.
  8. Xodrana

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    Apr 17, 2010
    Aren't those black meat chickens? I wouldnt want to eat one, but thats just me. Some of the Asian folks eat them for medicinal purposes.
  9. sydney13

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    Mar 11, 2010
    Quote:dont worry im definitely not going to eat any of them i just wan to know what age i bought them at because i got them as rescues from a meat processing place
  10. sydney13

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    Mar 11, 2010
    i am 110% sure she is a she and i am talking about the one on the left
    she is not laying yet and i did check the vent
    i just want to know what age do you think they sold here if she was inteded to be used for meat? [​IMG]
    and i have her on developer although before i got her she was on meat feed so i think that may have delayed her eggs
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