What ails my chickie?


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May 28, 2010
Our Ameraucana pullet (about 7 months old) is sick. She'd been laying for about two months now, but stopped last week. At that time I noticed she seemed a little lethargic... but then she refused to get up and refused all food and water and I frankly thought she wasn't going to make it. I separated her from the others. And she refused all food and water and had watery diarrhea and couldn't/wouldn't stand up. Every morning for the past week I expected that I'd find her dead. But... she appears to have rallied and is getting a little bit better and is now hobbling a few feet around the yard (a different yard than the other girls) and drinking some water and eating a little bit of food (only corn and bits of grass though... I can't get her to eat anything else). She no longer seems at death's doorway and is preening and making chicken noises again. But the watery diarrhea and the disinterest in food is worrying me. I've been looking for worms in her poop, but haven't seen any. She's never been dewormed that I know of (I bought her 2 months ago). She doesn't seem to have any respiratory issues.

We had a bird get sick and die last month, but it was much more sudden -- and I think it was more a reproductive system issue. This issue seems more digestive/weakness in legs.

sounds like coccidia....? Just new to this......worked with vet for 10 years, but that is what it does for all species. Not good.
She's still hanging in there... her walking is getting better, though she's still hobbling around and not wanting to eat... just a few nibbles of corn or oatmeal. She does drink water (and chicken broth) though, so her poo may be watery simply because she's not getting much food. There's definitely no blood in the poo, so I'm wondering if I can rule out coccidiosis. Does any of this sound like a worm issue? I have not seen wormy signs in the poo.

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