What am I? My two mystery chicks.


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Mar 12, 2012
South Australia
Just wanting some opinions on two of my mystery chicks, now 6 weeks old. They're pictured at two weeks and at six weeks.

Here is Big Bird:

Some random facts about him:
- clean legs (no feathering on legs)
- 4 toes on each foot (3 toes and a 'thumb')
- strawberry combe
- combe is very big and bright pink/red (I'm assuming he's a he because of this)

My guess at the moment is that he's a Wyandotte and barred Rock cross. Anyone have any opinions on this?

The other chick is called Pumpkin:

Some random facts about her:
- feathered legs (not really feathered like Silkies, but reasonably feathered)
- 5 toes on each foot (4 toes and a 'thumb', not the second thumb like some have)
- single combe
- low carriage (maybe this means shorter legs? I don't know but she's much lower to the ground than Big Bird)

I don't know what breed she is (no, I don't know that much about chicken breeds). My sister keeps saying she's part Silkie, though (show my sister anything with five toes and feathered legs, and she thinks it's a Silkie).

Any ideas on either of them? Thanks,
from Rachel.
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Where did you get them from?
The first one looks like a cockerel and looks like a BLRW mix.
The second one looks like a Buff Cochin pullet, not sure where the 5th toe comes from?
Thanks for responding so quickly!

Yes, I'm reasonably certain that Big Bird is a cockerell... he's had a big pink/red combe from about three weeks of age, which I know is one of the main signs. Peeka, what's a BLRW? Sorry for being so clueless...

So you both think that Pumpkin is at least part Cochin? I don't really mind, she's a lovely girl... I was just trying to avoid Cochins as they're said to go broody a lot. But, oh well. I love her colour, it's a bit lighter and pinker than other buff-coloured chooks I've had.

I got them from a breeder I know, up near where my cousins live (around Gawler area, if that means anything to anyone). I'd gone to his place to buy some Welsummer chicks he said he had, but he claimed they were unsexed and when I got there, they were all boys. I purchased one Welsummer boy (called Kellogg) and he offered me a couple of his mystery chicks for a reduced price.

Well, he said the were light Sussexes. He definately had some light Sussexes in there, but I knew that these ones weren't! I already had light Sussexes so I got these two who were some of the more interesting-looking ones... I wanted the surprise! They're certainly both turning out quite good-looking birds.

from Rachel.
BLRW means Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, I'd say he's a mix between a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte and a Silver Laced Wyandotte. Pumpkin is probably a Buff Orp, Buff Cochin cross.
im going to have to agree with Peeka on this one. Big Bird looks like a SLW but has the BLRW color on the wings, and back/tail area. Pumpkin looks just like a BO chick except for the feathered legs and 5 toes.

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