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7 Years
Nov 4, 2012
We have a new chick! This is our first chick we've hatched ourselves (well, our broody Bantam did most of the work, lol). We were wondering if anyone could tell us what she/he might be (obviously a mix, but with more Bantam features) or at least take a guess of what color she/he will turn out. The mom is a Leghorn and the dad is a red Bantam. She/he was born Oct. 21. Right now it's mostly still yellow with a black spot on her/his back that was there when she/he was born. Today when I was looking at her/him I noticed a black & white striped feather coming from it's wing and it looks like she/he has some more dark (possibly black, too short to tell) spots coming up. She/he also has 5 toes and is smaller like a Bantam.

The Dad & Mom

I think leghorns are dominant white so it will probably be mostly white with some red or black here and there.
Leghorn is dominate but if you are seeing black it could be black and white considering it has a spot on its down of black...you could possibly get something that looks similar to a Delaware white with the black spots...it will more than likely be a bantam because the father is one...it is so cute though and congrats on your first baby :)
The father looks like a red cochin, but if the baby has 5 toes, then one of the parents is a mix with sultan or silkie or something.

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