What am I, roo or pullet


9 Years
May 6, 2010
SW Iowa
It is suppose to be a pullet.... 4 weeks old.

Kind of hard to tell in the pic if its comb is red or not....a close up would be helpful and a top view of the body. While it is pretty light color feathering...my Roo had really red comb by 4 weeks.
Going by how my Barred Rocks look, born around May 1st, I would say your chick is a rooster. He is much lighter in color than all three of mine.
Here are some more pics... In these pics are suppose to be SLW pullets, barred rock pullets, golden buffs/RSL, RIR pullets and 1 RIR roo. I have 18 of them total.


I was suspect of this from the beginning because I noticed this one was lighter than the other ones. I have a SLW that is the same way, one is lighter than the others. I really didn't need all these extra roosters. I guess I will just raise them up and butcher them. I have a hatching plan and a RIR is what I want for my rooster. Just so I know is BR X BR = a Barred rock?

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