What animal would do this?


11 Years
Mar 9, 2008
Rhode Island
What animals could have possibly done this?:

take 6 ducks and leave nothing but feathers behind, and one very frightened duck? It had to come over a chain link fence, or under it.
I had a red fox do that to my chickens. Took 4 in one evening and came back the next morning and took another(his last

They will take and bury them closer to the den to eat later.

That's not true, I have seen coons pull chickens out of a pen, and tracked them where they took the birds 100 yards or so, and up into a tree to eat them. I am assuming that the birds all got taken at once, so a hawk is unlikely. A fox is a definite possibility though. Any time this has happened to me, multiple birds taken at once, it was a dog or a coon. JMO

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