What antibiotics do people recommend for a Pullet with an ear infection? (Easily accessible in the U

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    Hi everyone!

    I'm looking for some advice on the best antibiotic to use on one of my chickens.
    I've just discovered she has quite a bad ear infection. I noticed she had a large round lump bulging from her ear. After doing some research I've decided it's an ear infection and can see some yellow discharge coming from the area. She is quite timid so I haven't picked her up to have a closer look but I'm certain it is what I think.

    From what I've read on various websites I think I'm going to soften the lump and carefully lift the lump from her ear in order to expose the ear again, making sure to clean all of the puss (or whatever is causing the problem). Then clean the ear either with ACV and water or cooled boiled salted water to get everything out and give her a clean ear canal. After reading other peoples posts they seem to recommend giving the bird an antibiotic after doing the procedure and there will most likely be an open wound so i think I'll be needing something to help keep any other infections away.
    I've not used any antibiotics on my birds before so I'm completely inexperienced on choosing the best one if anyone has any previous experience or advice on the right one to pick I'd really appreciate the advice! :) Most of the medicines I've come across that people are using are from the USA, I would prefer something that is easily accessible in the uk as I want to try sort this as soon as possible as my bird has had this for a week now
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    Welcome to BYC.. I honestly don't know what antibiotic would be good to use I have a medicine comparison chart but it doesn't list ear infections, but I did find this maybe it will help.. https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/623712/ear-infection-in-rooster
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    is it the actual ear, or the earlobe?I'd need pictures.Some cream would do good,but make sure sh e leaves it on.Other this have no more good advice, good luck though!
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