What are a few broody breeds of ducks?

Mallards & Muscovies are the only ones I know of that are broody.
I've heard the Bantam breeds, just like in chickens, are supposed to retain the tendency to go broody.
Anyone have a copy of Holderread? I can't find mine at the moment.
The children were reading it and carried it off somewhere and...

Anyway, he lists breeds with data such as number of eggs per year, foraging ability, etc. And the list includes mothering ability. But since I don't have my book where I can find it... I can't help!! Sorry!

But if you can get your hands on a copy or if someone else has it handy, that should have the data you need.

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I've had rouens that went broody, and made excellent mothers too. I've also known a couple of pekins that stayed on a nest to term. I know these breeds dont normally go broody, but my point is that you just never really know until they actually do it.
Also never heard of a muscovy that wouldn't go broody.
Australian Spotted ducks go broody...and make wonderful mamas too. I've got one now and I love her!
From Holderreads book:

Australian Spotted- Excellent
Call- Excellent
East Indie- Excellent
Mallard- Excellent

Bali- Poor-Fair
Campbell- Poor-Fair
Harlequin- Poor-Good
Magpie- Fair-Good
Runner- Poor-Fair

Ancona- Fair-Good
Cayuga- Fair-Good
Crested- Fair-Good
Orpington- Fair-Good
Swedish- Fair-Good

Appleyard- Fair-Good
Aylesbury- Poor-Fair
Muscovy- Fair-Excellent
Pekin- Poor-Fair
Rouen- Poor-Good
Saxony- Fair-Good

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