What are a few broody breeds of geese?

I've heard that chinese are a little more broody than others but all geese should go broody sometime. I hope that helped and i hope more people answer you!
Not sure about broodyness but Dave Holderread list the Dewlap Toulouse as poor-fair mothers, not for beginers and one of the most challenging to raise.
It just depends on the bird. Even some of my Dewlap toulouse have successfully brooded till day 28. But most do not take responsibility for the egg past laying it, especially not the males.
But Dewlap toulouse are a heavy breed, whereas the production toulouse are much smaller and tend to be better moms and sitters. Not sure if they are broodier, but they do the job well. The dewlaps have a short laying season but productions have a longer season.

Good luck,
I happen to know that Sebastopols and Romans are wonderful natural mothers.
Seems to me that, in general, like with ducks and chickens, smaller is better for broodiness and parenting.
Mini geese are mega broody.


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