What are "cut down" cartons? Small air cells...

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    May 28, 2014
    Today is day 17 and some of my eggs air sacs havent grown much since day 14. Im running dry but bator stays around 49% humidity. Id like to try hatching upright but I dont understand how to cut down a carton properly...? I took my eggs out of the turner tonight and they are on their sides right now. Is hatching upright harder for chicks to hatch out of shell?

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    Some say it's easier, some say it's harder... what they mean by 'cut down cartons' is simply the top section is cut off and the bottoms of the cups in the bottom half are cut out to allow air flow when you place the eggs in it... good luck on your hatch...
  3. sumi

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    Letting them hatch lying on their sides is more natural and the method I prefer personally.
  4. AmyLynn2374

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    Me too....

    but if you are concerned about small air cells, hatching them upright in cut down cartons theoretically gives them a better chance because any excess fluid is pulled down in the egg and it has a higher probability of keeping excess fluid from entering an internal pip into the air cell as well.
  5. appps

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    Cut down egg cartons are just something you fashion out of an egg carton to hold the eggs up. I had very badly damaged and weird shaped air sacks on my last hatch because the eggs were shipped so I just cut some little rings out of toilet rolls and used those to hold them upright. Actually it wasn't exactly upright it was more upright but at a slight angle with the air cell on top.

    If you decide to do it just play around with an egg carton and an egg out of your fridge till you get something that works then use that in the incubator.
  6. SunHwaKwon

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    That's a very good idea! I hate to waste an egg carton and my toilet paper rolls go in recycling so that's a great way to repurpose them if you need to hatch upright.

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