what are some ways to sex 5 wk BR chicks?


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I need some help sexing my chicks for some reason I can't post pics (mabye not enough posts), I had some relly helpful replys about the leg color and the head spots and someone recently sexed them by holding them on their backs and the ones that didn't kick were hens? Is this accurate or is it just better to wait it out I think i've only got a few more weeks till their combs start reddining but if anyone has pics of their 5, 6 wk BR hens or roos mabye I could look at your pics?
Yeah pics would help but you have to have so many posts before you can post pics( I think it's only 5 or 10 though) Another thing to look for is saddle feathers for Roos. But at 5 weeks I'm not sure if they would develop yet. As far as the kicking, I'm not sure about that. When you are able to post pics though try, because there are people on here that are great at telling Roos at very young ages! Oh, and welcome to BYC!
Your male barred rocks will be lighter color, larger white barring than the females who have larger black barring.
Pics will help, those that breed them can tell at a glance
First, look at the general color of the chick: Silver/grey = Male Black/dark grey = Female
Second, look at the comb: Size: Bigger = Male Smaller = Female -AND- Color: Pink = Male Yellow/Fleshtone = Female
Third, Remember headspot when they were lil babies? Blotchy/Irregular = Male Round/even = Female
Fourth, leg girth: thicker = Male thinner = female

It's easier to pick males out of a group than to judge an individual chick because you can see other chicks the same age and compare.
good luck!

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