What are the signs of oncoming heat stroke?

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    What are the signs of oncoming heat stroke? My girls were all panting like crazy and sitting in the bottom of the triangular type chicken tractor that you often see. I ran the sprinkler on half the yard that their chicken tractor is fenced into for a little bit. Once they came out and started walking around this wet area they seemed to cool off and quite panting. They were not interested in getting in the mist while it was on and I wondered whether I should actually wet the birds beyond just their feet?

    When is it time to seriously worry and take more drastic measures? And what would those measures be?

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    Lying down, panting and lethargic. If they won't move you've gotta get liquid into them and get them someplace cool, ASAP.
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    Does you yard have a shaded area for them to lay under? Outside under shade is much cooler than being in a chicken tractor. The air moves better. I put ice in the chickens water and have shallow pans of water (in the shade) for them to walk through. You have to put the chickens in the water to show them that it's OK. If you are experiencing a dry heat misting their legs would be OK. If the humidity is high you just have to keep them in the shade, give ice water and if possible run a fan on them. If any show panting and distress you can bring the chicken inside if you have air conditioning and gently give it a bath with cool water. Not cold.

    I actually keep a bucket of water in my run in case of an emergency.

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