What are the signs that a chicken flock needs to be wormed and

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    Nov 7, 2007
    if the chickens have lice or mites ?

    I know to check at night for the bugs on the birds and if the legs get thick scales ....
    but would another sign be a chicken gasping and sounding like a musical instrument whenever they breath ...
    would sneezing and wheezing be a sign of needing to worm the flock?
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    Apr 20, 2009
    Quote:Sneezing, no - that's either something bacterial, viral, or environmental. Sneezing could be little coughs - and that could be gapeworm, as could the wheezing. Yet again that could be the other causes.

    As for mites and lice, they live on the skin and in the coops. Check the birds carefully against their skin, every inch of them. Then check them like this at night when mites get on the birds (they stay off sometimes for days in the daytime, only go back on to feed).

    Instead of going about this the long way, could you possibly answer the questions in the second sticky post of this forum - only put the answers here? You apparently have a chicken about whom you're concerned and we could better assist you if we have a little more information. Thanks! [​IMG]

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