what are the symptoms of an internal layer?

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    Jun 1, 2010
    my girl still isn't laying. my other one was laying rubber eggs, but today she laid one with a really thin shell--hoping she's on the mend but still worried about goldie. no egg in a week and she's just moping around. still eating OK and drinking...
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    Sep 4, 2009
    I've read they waddle, like penguins It's very painful, the poor things. The muscles are contracted and trying to expel. If you've ever seen a hen laying an egg, you'll see her "stand up" just before she passes the eggs, when she's straining and grunting. That's the standing position they are fixed in.

    With my soft shell layer, she, uncharacteristically, would sit on the ground and looked tired. Laying a soft egg is much harder and taxing on them because they have no hard shell to push against.

    Do you offer crushed oyster shell free-choice?
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    An internal layer will have a belly full of fluid. It's very easy to tell, just feel her abdomen. It's a horrible condition but I have had hens recover after antibiotic treatment.

    A hen who is struggling with a soft egg will act as described above.

    Moping is pretty vauge but if I have a hen who is just a little off and not laying, first thing I check for is mites. Look at the fluff on her behind, if she has mites you should be able to see them and see the eggs on the feather shafts.

    Hope she's feeling better soon. [​IMG]

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