What are we? BLRW and mixes (?) Nine weeks + . Update on BLRW 11.5wks


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Have four chicks left from a hatch and still trying to figure out gender.. Two I am pretty sure are girls, the other two COULD be boys. However, breed is also in question on three of them as I had a big hatch full of mixed eggs. Forgive the condition of the coop - it's a temporary tractor while we are cleaning the barn and works better for pictures..

All chicks are just over nine weeks old. About 9.5 weeks, to be exact.

#1 - NO pink in the comb at all. Hardly any comb, as a matter of fact. S/he is bearded, so no wattles. However, the tail feathers look like they could be coming in roo-ish to me. Anyone agree? Also, any guesses on breed? Could it be a black EE or an EE mix? Legs are yellow with a black wash on the front.


#2 I think this one is a pullet. Smaller than #1, no beard, same yellow legs with black wash, but slight feathering to legs.


#3 I think this one is also a pullet - any idea what breed? Or another mix?

#4 last one is my stumper. This is a BLRW that I picked out of the four I hatched as 'most likely to be a girl'. The others had bigger legs and pink combs when they went away at four weeks.

It has developed early wattles and a bit of pink, so I have now been assuming it is a roo. However, my LAST blrw also developed very early and turned out to be a big fat girl, so I don't want to rehome 'him' and make an error. Plus 'his' wattles and comb are rather yellow. Again, 9.5 weeks. Thoughts? Wyandottes always confuse me - I had one pink up at three days that was also a girl. LOL.


Thoughts? Will update as always if I find out for sure..
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Sorry to say, but I think your BLR is a roo. We had one that we couldn't tell the sex on....BOY (go check my old posts for photos of him). See this one is just getting those maroon color patches on his back area(secondary flight feathers/saddle hackles), like the boys have?
Actually, that MAY not be a bad thing. I'll have to see (if he's a boy) what he looks like when he gets his adult feathers. Right now the lacing isn't looking so hot. I do have BLR girls that I could test him out with (and I like Splash, even if no one else does). I was wondering about those dark patches too. Or I may just plop him on craigslist when he fills in a little. I keep thinking boy also, but he's a late bloomer for sure!

Which would mean that all four of my BLRW were boys - as the other three definitely were! LOL.
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I say first 3 are pullets. The last one I have no idea. I wanted to say pullet, too...I'm not familiar enough with the BLRW.
May I add that the third one looks like a Welsummer, to me. Now, I may be completely wrong, as I have only seen so little pictures of them and have no experience with them, just a guess.

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