What are your best/craziest/funniest chicken stories?

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    I was talking with a (non-chicken keeping) coworker today and was telling a story about my chickens. They were speechless... So I got to thinking about all the crazy stories chicken keeping has brought me. And since I know I can't be alone, I was wondering if anyone had any great stories about people who don't know chickens, "crazy chicken person" stories, really any chicken related story you want to share (If you've got a pic, that's great too). (If the stories are about people who don't know about chickens, let's aim to keep it non-hateful, this thread is lighthearted and just for fun!)
    The story I told my coworker:
    I was gonna be selling some eggs to a new customer, and many of my customers love to see or even meet my chickens. I have a very tame bielefelder that loves to be held, so I was holding him. (Buzz pictured) Snapchat-522507473.jpg
    Me: Hi, nice to meet you! I'm chickengoesruff and this is Buzz.
    Customer: What's wrong with him?!? (looks at me like he must have the plague)
    Me: He's like a cat. He just likes being held and pet.
    Customer: (obviously not understanding it's a pet) Is he sick?
    Me: (all the while giving Buzz a belly rub) Nope, he is healthy and just really friendly. You can pet him if you want. He won't bite.
    Customer: Oh. (pokes his tail feather) Wow, she's so nice!
    Me: (thinks long and hard about whether or not to correct them on gender) He is very docile, and I try to get my birds as tame as possible.
    Customer: (after realizing what I said) Actually this is a girl, you can tell because she isn't biting. I used to have chickens and the roosters would always bite and scratch.
    Me: (thought I saw where this was going) Well he has what are called sickle feathers and a more prominent comb (points out as nicely as possible) which are signs that he is a male.
    Customer: (nods halfheartedly and pays me for the eggs) Ok, well thank you for the eggs.
    As they were walking towards their car, their phone rang. I was just barely within earshot by the door, and nearly lost it laughing when this was how they answered: "I just got the eggs, but that girl didn't know a thing about geese!"

    Not sure how anything was about geese, but made my day!
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    That’s awesome! Lol. I don’t have any funny stories that are unique. I get the usual “Don’t you have to have a rooster to have eggs?” Or “do eggs really come out their butts?” Lol.
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    Have to also add this gem...
    Took my dog(Thor) to Petco in December to get a picture with Santa (proceeds benefited good cause) and I brought my rooster Romeo as well because there were no restrictions on pets allowed. e8a00d33-ca61-4015-bfe4-11948a5b6d85 (1).jpg
    Well Santa was terrified that the sleeping chicken was going to suddenly maul him, so I wrapped him in his baby blanket for an extra layer of security (he was wearing a chicken harness too). I didn't get a chance to see the picture until I got home, and my dog's face was just too priceless.
    But the real laugh in this story is as I was walking in, carrying the sleeping chicken like a baby and holding my dog's leash, someone asked me "Why do you have a dead chicken?".
    When I first heard the question I heard it as "Why do you have a chicken?" (which I knew I would be asked)
    So I replied "To get a picture with Santa."
    The person whom stopped me nodded, said "cool" and went on shopping without a second thought.
    But their casual response to the idea I would bring a dead pet/chicken to take a picture with Santa... So many questions...
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  4. My 3 newly laying barnevelders keep sharing the one nest, so I decided to put the faux egg in the adjacent nest which has a 3 inch front board so the eggs don’t get kicked out. Twice now I have relocated the the faux egg back to the disused nest. Not sure if the chickens think I’m stupid for putting the egg elsewhere but they must be very handy with their feet to get the egg up and over the kick boards.
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