What brand of Incubator


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Mar 11, 2011
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We are planning to purchase a small incubator and don't which is the best brand to buy.
I LOOOVE the Little Giant Still Air! I've had great hatches in it! Even have one set up as a hatcher because I'm known to do staggered hatches!!
Hope this helps!
I've had several. My favorite of small bators is the 1588. Don't waste your money on the little giants. Don't get me wrong some people have had really good luck with these but not me, I've wasted so much money on expensive eggs and you will go buy the 1588 eventually. I have 2 1588's. The lg's i bought there were two, thinking one was malfunctioning and all i got was cooked eggs and later they were sold on craigslist. I had the hovabator with fan, and it was not bad but best of hatch goes to genesis 1588 model.
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My vote...Hovabator, but I'm biased, am usin' one now, & have 100% embryonic development on my 12th day of usin' it...I know if it works for a dolt like me...

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