What breed am I? and hi everyone :)


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Hi. I'm brand new to this forum although I've been reading messages for about a month now. My chicks are a little over 3 weeks old and I have all of the breeds figured out except this gal. (I HOPE) She's so sweet and loves to be held. Any ideas? Thanks everyone!
Oh! and she is a she right?


Hope this picture worked!
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I was going to say black cochin. Just out of curiosity and wanting to learn, what do you mean by Low Quality? What makes it so? What are the standards for a "good quality"

I love mine no matter what they are! LOL! But I am curious.

Low quality? As in not a very good chick? I'm new to all of this. I purchased my chicks from MMH. Thanks.

Twilight: My black girl is the sweetest of all of mine. And the smartest and the leader of the pack. She loves to be held and comes when I call her even if she's busy eating. You will love the cochins!

Hi Twilight! Welcome to the BYC forum! Maybe "low quality" means not show quality. I don't think it means a "bad" chicken. Though I'm not very good at this kind of thing, she does look like a Cochin (my aunt had one that looked similar to yours). And, as far as I can tell your chick seems to be a she.
She's very sweet, too.

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