What breed am I?

Harley's girl

11 Years
Mar 28, 2008
Ohio (way out in the country)
Hi there I hatched this rooster out last June. I bought mixed eggs from an amish store. SO I have no clue what he is. Any suggestions?

He is a handsome fella. However, I am going to make up a new name to use rather than "mutt" since that seems to have a negative connotation. Your rooster is a fine example of an MBC. MIXED BREED CHICKEN. Hey, you have an MBC rooster, LOL!
I have a friend that has roosters that look just like that. Years ago, she ordered an assortment from a hatchery. They have all been mixing and interbreeding since then. Now that is what her boys look like. I would say he is definitely "mixed race."

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