What breed and gender are my chicks?


6 Years
Sep 21, 2013
Hi all,

My boyfriend and I purchased these two chicks a week or so ago and they are certainly thriving.

We were told they were only a week old, but personally i believe they are older than 2 weeks, thoughts?

I am also really eager to find out if they are roosters or hens and what breed of chicken they are??

I appreciate any feedback. Chicko is the chick with the white head and is the chatty one, slightly smaller and not as friendly with humans. Duck is the chick with the black head, is a lot more placid than Chicko and slightly larger.

Chicko photo 1

Chicko photo 2

Chicko photo 3

Chicko photo 4

Duck photo 1

Duck photo 2

Duck photo 3

Chicko & Duck photo 1

Chicko & Duck photo 2

Chicko & Duck photo 3
Going by comb development, I think both of them could be roosters. I'm not sure of the breed (maybe Ancona?), but they do appear to be around 2 weeks of age.
I think they are around the 2 week marker. It is surprising how fast they grow in such a short time.
I also think Chicko is an Ancona not sure that is the same as Duck. Duck has an almost Black Sumatra look going on with the patchy legs.

Not too sure on gender, you may have to wait a couple more weeks to tell for sure.

Rather cute either way.
I agree, they both look to be about two weeks old. I don't think the breeder was lying about the age or anything.

I don't know the breed, but they both look like little cockerels to me, Chicko most of all.

Hopefully I'm wrong.

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I'm not sure on the breed, but the Ancona is a possiblity. Its too young to tell gender for sure, but the combs are rather large for the age. I'm leaning towards them being roosters, but this is really just a guess based on comb size. Post some more photos in a few weeks, and we'll be able to tell better.

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