What breed and gender are these chicks?


5 Years
Jul 9, 2014
All three of these chicks are from one of our Rhode Island Red roosters, but we think they may be mixed with a Sussex, because we got them from next door when we let our rooster over there for a while and some broody hens hatched them. Unforutantely, the broody hens didn't like the baby chicks, and attacked them, so now we have our rooster back and the three baby chickens.
I have no idea what breeds these are, but I think the brown and white one is a rooster, i'm not sure, though.
In order: ( They're all about 6-8 weeks old, I believe)
Chick 1 - Lucifer

Chick 2 - Mist

Chick 3 - Bramble

The Father - Cookie
Well, the Rhode Island Red and the Sussex were the only two that could've done it- the sussex was the only one laying eggs while the rooster was over at my neighbor's house.

It would explain the coloring of the first chicken (Lucifer), he's White, Cream-colored, Black, and Brown.

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