What breed and gender are these


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I believe they are americaunas, and one is starting to crow, but I'm not sure about the other two. Any help would be wonderful. I don't know how to put the pictures on here, but they are in my profile. It is the three black ones with blue tint.
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The photos are too blurry to tell for sure, though I think I see at least one rooster. I've heard that you need a minimum number of posts (5-10?) in order to post photos, so I would recommend posting on a few threads and then trying again. Try and get side profile, head, and tail-area photos of each bird.

And yes, they appear to be either Black Ameraucanas or Black Easter Eggers.
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try increasing your post count, then try posting again. They're really not good enough pics, though, we need to be able to see combs and the profile of the bird. Also, how old are they?
Ok I have more pictures of the chickens up. Like I said I think from photos I have seen online they are true americauna chickens, and I know the biggest one is a rooster, and now looking at the other two that I thought were hens, I think they are roosters too. That's disappointing if they are all roo's. I was looking forward to the colored eggs.
Oh and the chickens are about 5 months old. They are very pretty black with a green tint. Lovely birds.
I looked at the new photos--unfortunately, all are roosters. I see pointed saddle and hackle feathers, the combs are red and developed, and plumage is very shiny. At least to me, they appear to be purebred Black Ameraucanas. Very pretty birds that would likely do well at a poultry show.

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