What breed and gender is Pumpkin? ~New pics pg. 2!~


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I have a little orange silkie named Pumpkin. I really don't know what breed it is, but i think it's probably a girl. Please tell me I'm right!
I always see Pumpkin eating, however, Pump is small and skinny. Could smallness possibly mean girl?
Please help me figure out the breed and gender of my little Pumpkin!




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Darling silkie! It's so hard to tell with silkies....I had to wait until one of mine crowed! I am going to guess girl though.....I'm not seeing anything that looks like a comb there.....
beautiful silkie chick.

Her color I would call a smutty buff, or the parents may have been a buff and a partridge - I have had chicks similarly colored from my mixed color flock.

They are very hard to sex, but by the size and shape of the crest thus far at that age, I would hazard a guess and say girl, but I wouldn't hold my breath until she gets about 4-5 months old and the crest stays rounded and no streamers (odd feathers that poke out away from and longer than the crest ball of feathers)
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streamers don't come in until atleast 4-5 months, so even if this was a boy, you wouldn't see any streamers yet. this chick looks to be quite young, about 2-3 months old. However because of the size and roundness of the crest I believe its a girl.

Yes she should be a buff X blue...I doubt black, when you mix a buff and a black your more likely to get a darker bird, more often black based with gold leaking. I'd expect a lot more color/black on her if she had a black parent.

I had a blue that would throw me partridge chicks, and when I crossed him with buff I would get partridge offspring or chicks very similiar to your girl.

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