What breed and genders are these?


9 Years
Oct 10, 2010
Thanks to my 3 year old's class hatching eggs, we are now the proud owners of "Chick" and "Dale", though hopefully it's actually "Dayle". Any insights much appreciated! I believe they are 6 weeks old tomorrow by the way.


you know, i was looking back at the pics, and the first though she still has a comb, is a lot less. and its tail feathers are more rounded then his point at the end of his feather.
Id say keep her and then when she lays youll know lol
but ive had chicks that seem like they just CANT decide what gender they wanna be, one day they look male then one day female then male then suddenly it lays an egg Lol
Good luck, hope you get a lil pullet
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They look like White Leghorns, maybe White Rocks but they seem to have the wrong leg color for that breed.
They are both boys.

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