What breed are my chickens? And are they male or female?


Aug 14, 2020
Hi I'm new to BYC and needed help identifying 2 of my chickens. The backstory is I ordered hatching eggs from my pet chicken and they gave me a sheet with codes so I can tell what chicks might hatch from the eggs I bought. I bought a random mix and 4 chicks hatched. I'm positive I have 2 cochins but the other chicks I'm confused about. All my chickens are about 6 weeks old so I'm not sure if I can tell what gender they are yet but can anyone help me gender all 4 chickens?

This chicken came from a light blue/green egg that was labeled Easter egger but I noticed it had feathered legs and a small tuft on it's head.

I've heard of Easter eggers having feathered legs but never this profusely. The other chicken I need help identifying is this one:

The egg was a light brown color and was labeled Isabel Orpington which is a breed I've never heard about but I know orpingtons are really fluffy birds, but this one has late/ bad feathering and is significantly smaller than my other chickens but weighs the most. It also has a long neck.
These two are hatched from blue black splash cochin eggs, possibly bantam because the eggs were small.

Can anyone help me identify the first 2 chickens, and if possible, tell me the gender of all 4? Thank you!

Pete Yo

In the Brooder
Jan 26, 2019
The two black ones look like cockerels to me. Not sure about the last white one. The first white one is a pullet. They all look like barnyard breeds to me.

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