What breed are these Bantams?


Mar 29, 2018
I just got 2 more bantam today and I was just wondering if someone can tell me what kind they are. I belive they are golden sebright but i just want to double check.

Chick 1:

Chick 2:

Also is there a way to tell the genders between golden sebrights? My one golden sebright has all black on its head but if Chick 2 is also a golden sebright and has brown on its head would that mean one is a roo and one a hen?

This is my other Golden sebright:
All look like Golden Sebrights. Your last one has unique coloring! No, you'll just have to wait until six weeks, then post pics of their combs for gender. Both genders are alike at this age.
Both Golden Sebrights, just very different! :D I love the second one....looks as if it's wearing spectacles. :love

Time will tell as far as gender goes!

Thank you. Lol yeah that one is a little cutie. I keep calling him a he so maybe he will be a cockerel like I hope he is.

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