What breed are these chickens??


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May 18, 2010
Sorry the pictures are so bad, these stinkin' hens won't come near me!! For chickens we've got 6 Isa Brown's, 1 EE, 2 white hens and 2 of the ones that are dark with the tan. Does anyone know what breed the all white ones and dark/tan ones are?? The white ones are really anti-social!! The ducks and Isa's are my new best friends now that I've started bringing them treats.

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It is hard to tell from this picture.. But does the white one have muffs? It could be a white EE (I see green legs!).... We used to have a white EE, so it is definetely possible, especially since EEs come in all colors of the rainbow!
Ok.....well, I think they are all Easter Eggers.....I have 3 of them. One of mine matches your exactly (the black and gold pullet to the left of the drinker is definately an EE), the other 2 brown and whites I'm about 75% sure they are EEs too, as I have one that looks just like them. Beautiful birds !!! the ducks, well, I have no idea, haven't raised any yet !
I hate to ask, but what are muffs on a chicken??? My chicks are only 8 weeks old and I'm learning as we go.
All 4 chicks in question do have the greenish legs, just like my EE.
LOL The ducks were supposed to both be white pekins, obviously only one of them is. The other we think is a cross between a pekin and indian runner, but who knows.
Muffs are the really fluffy feathers that are on a chicken's "cheek" Example-


The fluffy poof that sticks out on either side of her face are muffs. Under her beak, from muff to muff, is her beard. Don't feel bad for asking! We've all been there!
Thanks for clarifying!! None of the chickens in question have a muff, only the confirmed EE does....she's a beauty!!
I vote EEs. I have a solid white EE that looks like yours. She is also VERY nervous. I have read that lightweight, nervous birds make good layers. I hope so, cause she doesn't want to be a pet!

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