What breed are these chickens?


6 Years
Jun 27, 2013
Could anyone help me identify the type of chicken breed these are? They have black skin. Thank you.
Well aren't they cute? Welcome to the forum. They appear to be game breed chickens with the "Salmon" coloring/markings. At some point they were mixed with a feather-footed breed of chicken.

Here are some examples of the "salmon" or also called, "golden duckwing" colored birds.

You have some game bird mixes. They might have some Silkie in them (accounting for the black skin), or another feather-footed breed.
Thank you for the replies. I thought maybe I had a pure breed of some kind and just couldn't identify. Now I know they are mixed. Thank you.
sumatra are supposed to be gypsy faced with normal body skin. Common mistake to think they are black skinned.

Thanks for the info on the black skin...I was mis-informed on that part...still could be part of your breed OP...with the game bird look....Silkie could be a likely choice then for black skin and feathering....

Only way to know would be to do a genetic test as it can be very surprising what the toss of the genes turned up.

No matter...pretty birds. Mutts are healthy and happy birds from my experiences.
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