What breed are these geese?


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Aug 29, 2019
I know they are a pair can you helpme tell the gender and the breed? I like by a lake and these people didnt want them so they through them out theyve been all the way other side of the lake and it took a while cause they were super frightened but they love there other new goose friend and it’s appreciated the help thank you
Ok. The Chinese looks like a female "male would have a larger knob". So if they are a breeding pair then the Embden is the male. However if they've not had offspring they could both be females.
I dont know anything about them like i said strangers just drop then off to live on there own at first i thought they were pelicans and days and days later i went to seeand they were geese and terrified happy i help thrm took me 2 hours for them to trust me

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