What Breed Are These Pale Yellow TSC pullets?


11 Years
Jul 31, 2010
Okay, I couldn't resist at TSC today and I came home with 4 Americaunas and 2 little pale yellow ones that were in the pullet bin but no one there knew what they were for sure. Potential breeds listed were Leghorns, Cornish cross, and some others...Any ideas? They arrived at the store today and seem to jump up and over things a little more than the others.



If they start to grow much faster than the others then they are probably cornish cross meat birds. Otherwise they looklike white leghorn chicks.
they aren't meat birds unless that it what you were hoping for
I'm hoping they aren't cornish cross ones. I'd rather have leghorns or something else but I'm new to chickens and quickly developing a severe addiction.... So far they are smaller than the ones I got out of the americauna bin but they had a lot of the yellow ones left so I guess we'll see! Thanks!
Cornish Rocks-you need to kill them at about 12 weeks old...or their legs collapse, they have heart attacks etc. Strickly a broiler and you need to feed broiler rations (so no pigging our with other chicks 24/7)...and TSC is a Cluster Poo this year with labling their breeds...WOW its BAD!

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