What breed are these?

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May 13, 2015
Ontario, Canada
I purchased 3 black "pullets" from an auction early last fall and I was told they are all the same breed but I feel like the two roosters could be Cornish cross and the hen could be an austalorp? The hen has black ears, single comb, black/slate legs. Roosters have pea combs, more vibrant colours than I was able to capture in the pics and have mostly yellow legs with some black on the front. Both roosters look the same. All of them have great temperment.


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The hen/pullet does appear to be either an Australorp or a Black sex-link, the roosters, I would say probably mixed breeds of some sort with some black copper marans in it. The comb is very strange, haven't seen one like it it almost looks like a buttercup comb with a single in the middle; a little like a strange rose comb.
I agree. The hen looks almost identical to my Black Sex Link-(Black Star) hen. And I agree on the roosters too. (The copper coloring on the neck.)
Yes the copper coloring on the neck is a characteristic of black copper marans, why I think it's a mix breed is because of the comb. Said marans have straight combs.

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