What Breed are they? Lots of Pics

Lisa Pedro

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Jun 12, 2012
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Here are 2 of our 6 week old chicks from Meyer Hatchery. They can be any kind of chicken they sell because it was the "Adoption Special". I have figure out most of the chicks but these 2. I think it is a boy and a girl of the same breed. When they were little, they were both chipmunks with a reddish tint to them. Any guesses on the breed?

Here is the boy.

Here is the girl.

And here they are together!

Let me know what you think!

That would be great. I see Meyer sells both bantam and large fowl Welsummers. I wounder if I have to wait till they grow up to figure out which they are. They are bigger than our Silkes, Cochin and Buff Brahma Bantams, but smaller than the LF Black Copper Marans and Dorking (all the same age). Thanks for your help.
I honestly think that one is a light brown leghorn...and the other is a welsummer...they both have different color patterns so I say you have one of each.
I was thinking the color difference was because one was a rooster. I know roos can have nicer coloring. But you could be right.

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